Policing: Monitoring, Investigating and Prosecuting ‘Drones’

Fox, S. 2019. Policing: Monitoring, Investigating and Prosecuting ‘Drones’. European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance. 6 (1), pp. 78-126.


The policing role is constantly changing and becoming more challenging, with the UK seeing reduced numbers and financial cuts. Going forward, it is likely that the police will become more involved in the policing of drones. This research looks at the governance of drones from a top down approach – international-regional-national. The legislative complexity is first reviewed before investigating the blurring of roles between Aviation Administration-Authorities and the police. Focus is given regionally to the EU and nationally to the UK with a comparison study of the USA. The research considers the developing remit of the police and who should police drones at a national level. The research finds that currently, the police are under-trained in this subject area and there is insufficient coordination with the national Aviation Authorities.