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Professor Davidson’s research focusses on cybercrime and cybervictimisation exploring the perspectives of victims and perpetrators; this research informs practice and policy.

Julia Davidson, PhD is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Business and Law at the University of East London. She is an internationally recognised expert on policy, practice and offending in the area of child cyber victimisation and cybercrime.  She has directed a vast amount of national and international research spanning 30 years in the UK, EU. Middle East and Africa, acting as an advisor on child online protection to governments worldwide.   She has published extensively and has a strong media presence.   

She plays a prominent role is key committees, such as the Chair of the Evidence Group for the UK Government Council for Internet Safety, Chair of the Ethics Committee for the UK Inquiry into institutional child abuse, a Member of the Board of the International Criminal Court Justice Portal in the Hague, a member of the Europol EC3 Expert Academic Advisory Group and was a member of the Academic Advisory Board  of the UK Inquiry into institutional child abuse and a member of the Metropolitan Police Ethics Committee. She also provides expert advice to various organisations, such as NICE, the Home Office, the National Crime Agency, UNICEF, Europol, the US Sentencing Commission, the US Department of Justice and the UN ITU. She has held honorary professor roles at Queensland University of Technology and Royal Holloway, University of London. 




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Home Office - £340,000 (current) Development CSA online and offline offending contexts typology  

End Violence Against Children in collaboration with 5Rights - $180,000 (2019) Developing a child online protection policy on behalf of the Government of Rwanda

DCMS in collaboration with LSE Professor Livingstone - £60,000 (2019) Rapid Evidence Assessment: Adult Online Harms

NSPCC & OCC - £90,000 (2017) National study of children and young peoples experience of adult pornography 

Paladin Venture Capitalists - US $100,000 (2017) Youth pathways into cyber crime

European Commission (ISEC) - €740,000 (2016) Industry & policing practice in prevention of online CSA

Qatar National Research Foundation - $1,000,000 (2016) Comparison cyberbullying in Qatar and the UK