Professor Davidson and Dr Fox established the Online Harms and Cyber Crime Unit, as a dedicated centre for the study of all things cyber. Established in 2019, the Unit is based in the heart of London with extensive networks that extend nationally and globally. The OHCCU was formally launched in January 2020 at the House of Lords by Baroness Glenys Thornton.

The OHCCU is a centre of excellence, uniquely exploring issues where cyber interacts with human factors. This covers a variety of topics; online harms, cyber crime, cyber law, cyber criminology, cyber bullying/hate, cyber security/terrorism and cyber governance. All of these are subjects that are rapidly evolving research areas at the leading edge of human/technology interaction. 

OHCCU research capitalises upon the expertise of the Unit directorate, advisory board and associate network. The Unit directorate have provided guidance on a range of cyber issues at the national and international level, and provide specialist training upon request.



The OHCCU Directorate's experience combines consideration of human and institutional factors at the intersection of all things cyber. Bringing both academic and applied perspectives to pressing cyber issues. 

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