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Dr Fox specialises in law and policing, current research areas focus on: policing the cyber age; cyber security and terrorism; borders, governance and accountability; and, how this interacts with human rights.

Sarah has also specialised in the areas of equality, sexual offences, domestic abuse, serious and organised crime, including terrorism across borders. One of her on-going research areas considers the professionalism and accountability of the police and the continually developing role and needs of, and for, modern day policing. 

In 2015-16 Sarah was awarded the distinguished Fulbright Commission post-doctoral research scholarship, through the discipline of law, which was also co-supported by Lloyd’s of London. Her research professorship, in the USA, related to threats and risks to critical national infrastructures, in particular, her focus related to transport modes and systems (including from cyber perpetration and penetration).

Dr Sarah Jane Fox is the lead on policing at the University of East London (UEL). She plays a prominent part in expert groups such as the EU Airpol (Europol) Technology  Group; MAVCOM; the EAASP (European Association of Police – for aviation & sea) and is an invited contributor at the UN – ITU (WSIS) events and at the Council of Europe.






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